Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buena Vista Deli

This legit French deli is located 1 block away from yesterday’s place Lemoni. I choose to come here on days that 1 I want breakfast and 2 I need to concentrate and not socialize the entire time, which is inevitable at Lemoni. Today was proving to be an extra stressful day so I stopped by for some quiet time and a comforting meal. The place was empty and as soon as I walk in I demand a small bowl of Greek salad. They also have a board here were they list the daily soups and I stare at it with a “wtf” look when I see the words “Leek Soup”. Now I have a favorite dish here, and before I start to sound soup obsessed again, I declare my love for their white bean soup. It is so light and tasty, a little salty and served with a fresh lightly toasted piece of baguette. A must order whenever I see it available, I dared order this soup only a few weeks after my experience with their fish soup. Or should I call it concentration camp soup. Please forgive for I do not mean to sound at all culturally insensitive, however this soup made me believe BVD was having Holocaust remembrance day and forcing soup enthusiasts to ponder about this tragic historic event as as they starred at their soup bow. It was fish tasting water….without a single other ingredient added.
Anyhow I decide to continue my soup exploration path and request a bowl of leek soup. I search my memory banks in hopes to remember what a leek looks like and decide it I some kind of a green vegetable. Only then to be served a creamy bowl of white soup! What a mystery to me this was, when I taste it and it is very reminiscent to me of my cherished white bean soup, only creamier and smoother. This is definitely a more comforting soup and I loved it! My French sized (aka VERY small) small Greek salad was another delight. The greens were crazy crispy and the surprising addition of celery added extra crunch. The salad had its fare share of olives, whole and chopped, which made some bites beyond salty, and every single morsel in the bowl was completely coated with dressing. Not drenched coated, but lightly and nicely so. This was a very satisfying salad and I know to next time order a larger size. As I sat with my laptop in front of me, a half full bowl of leek soup to my left and an old obnoxiously loud French lady with pink hair to my right, I start contemplating about a chocolate croissant. They are excellent here, so much so that when I had breakfast a BVD with a friend who had just returned from living in France he shockingly said that they tasted better than Parisian ones. At this time I headed straight to the pastry counter, ready for something sweet when my waitress suggests I should have a mousse filled chocolate cake. I quickly notice this is the most expensive dessert on the counter at the price of $4.50. So I spend a few seconds contemplating if this is a true “you should get the most decadent treat and eat it sparingly” French suggestion. Or if it was the annoying suggestion, made on the foolish assumption based on my clothing some have that I am Mrs money bags. Distracted by the thought I go for the $3.50 chocolate duchess cake and return to my table. It saddens me to say this cake was a little dry and after my many visits to BVD I have to add a second item to my “No, unless i'm starving, i'm broke and its free” list. Mid way through my cake my waitress refills my cup of water and spills it all over my laptop and my legs….I’m assuming this is revenge for not ordering her suggestion.

Overall I’m finishing this blog while sitting inside BVD, sipping on their house coffee which is very tasty. I love and recommend this place!

Design District
4590 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33137
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